4T – Through Theatre To Talents

23 May 2012

The Association Arte e Salute ONLUS and 10 other European partners are developing the vocational training and education project “Leonardo Da Vinci programme”  -  4T (Through Theatre To Talents), its main objective being to  upgrade the skills of professionals working in rehabilitation programmes using theatre activities for mentally ill people.  The project will increase the possibilities for professionals to learn from each other, also through debates and workshops aimed at tackling specific issues. All the organizations involved in the project work in the field of theatre and social integration of mentally ill people. They have already acquired experience in the field and they are able to offer high-quality artistic productions.

The partners come from: Italy, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Malta, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Slovenia.

The project involves 6 lessons on specific themes to be discussed in 6 transnational meetings:

1. Stage performance quality
2. Theatre benefits
3. Communication
4. The rehabilitative path
5. Training
6. Recommendations
Further information on the project is available at: www.davinci4t.eu

The projct’s results are in EST

Il presente progetto è finanziato con il sostegno della Commissione europea. L’autore è il solo responsabile di questa pubblicazione (comunicazione) e la Commissione declina ogni responsabilità sull’uso che potrà essere fatto delle informazioni in essa contenute.

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